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Latin America's largest mapping of Venture Capital investors and their theses

VC Radar is an initiative led by Emerging Venture Capital Fellows to democratize access to investment theses for Venture Capital investors in Latin America.


We collect information about the investment thesis from investors operating in LatAm to help founders find the right investors more efficiently - and vice versa. We believe that this mapping has enormous power to encourage connections and promote business in the region.


The VC Radar 2023 report is available for download!

VC Radar's goal is to be a live platform where data is enriched constantly and collaboratively.

You can also access the official platform to browse through the VC investors's theses.


VC Radar Platform

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Are you a founder and want to connect with investors?
Is there some firm missing?

“Emerging VC Fellows comes to fill an important gap in the ecosystem: The Venture Capital analyst profile is still new in Brazil and initiatives that help connect and form this human capital are very relevant. VC Radar plays a fundamental role in building a more transparent and organized ecosystem. It will be interesting to observe the evolution of the study in the coming years and how the positioning of managers develops.”


Anderson Thees

Venture Capitalist @ Itaú


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